Feet licking |Miss Christine first experiences PART 4

Video of the first time that Miss Christine gets her feet sniffed and licked.

The video starts with Miss Christine soles fully visible. He remove the first sweaty sock and then the other and you can see the entire beautiful sweaty and dirty soles fully visible. The camera shows well the whole foot and even the dirt on her toes very closely. Then he asked the Miss to move her toes, and she began to move them in a very horny way, her toes move up and down and her soles get wrinkled, and while her toes move the fragrance of her feet expands. Then he gives a gentle sniff to her soles and then begins to lick them, giving amuse to the Miss also because of tickling. He licks well between her toes and the entire soles from hell to the top.

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Feet licking |Miss Christine first experiences PART 4

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